Two-page spread set within a fashion editorial piece—calls out price of garments, cost of dry cleaning, and cost to Dryel. In partner stores, visitors are reminded to use Dryel when trying on new clothing. When users roll over a garment in the fashion spread, the cost to dry clean and the cost to Dryel appear. Store windows at participating retailers compare the cost of dry cleaning the featured garments to the cost of Dryel. At partner retailers, Dryel bags are given away as shopping bags. Dryel will total the cost of dry cleaning compared to the cost of Dryel for the contents of the cart and calculate the savings. Ad space at the bottom of receipts from participating stores encourages shoppers to use Dryel. App allows users to scan product barcodes in order to calculate sale prices, the cost to dry clean versus the cost to Dryel, share sales via social networking, and to catalog their closet. This function allows users to scan bar code on price tag to calculate the cost to wear/clean a garment over a period of time.